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Hi and welcome to Free Car Removal Sydney's Blog. I offer a free car removal Sydney wide service, including close surrounding towns. I remove all cars complete and incomplete, along with any other types of vehicles and bulk scrap metal.

There is a minimum of approximately 800kg's before I will consider paying cash, and anything below 500kg's might involve a fee unless I can be in that area. I do get around all over Sydney, so if there is no rush for your junk car or scrap metal, let me know your address and what it is you have for removal. I can write it down and call you when I know I will be passing you by.

Please be aware though that my job locations do vary a lot sometimes, and waiting time could be between 2 days to 4 weeks or more. That is worst case scenario.

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Graham Stevens
2/24/2011 07:55:18 am

Hi buddy just wanted to say thanks for picking up all that old steel I had laying around the shed and yard. Still can't believe you actually paid me to clean it up and take it away! I recommend you mate. Thumbs up!

2/25/2011 07:36:19 pm

Good work Terry thanks. A+

J. Hurren
3/1/2011 10:23:47 pm

Great service, thanks Terry.

3/29/2011 02:36:39 am

Hi my names Mike. I would recommend Terry because he has a great attitude towards his work. He showed up when he said and remained in contact with me confirming the booking I made with him to remove my old car. Wish more people had a customer service like you Terry. Thank you

5/17/2012 09:46:05 am

Hello feels great to come cross your post i was looking for such thing from few days this will give me an fair idea of what is best for me.

6/13/2012 01:48:11 am

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10/2/2012 12:31:05 pm

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Sammy Mull
4/20/2013 03:39:45 am

I kinda like the basic idea of scrapping old cars if provided "heavy/generous" incentives to purchase a new one. It could be offered to dealerships also so they could get rid of the crap on most of their lots.
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4/23/2013 12:20:50 am

Thank you for sharing such relevant topic with us. I really love all the great stuff you
provide. Thanks again and keep it.

8/13/2013 11:19:38 am

I am very much pleased with the contents you have mentioned. I wanted to thank you for this great article.We also provide plastic Recycling and junk car Removals services not to make the environment cleaner but also help customers in disposing their scrap cars.

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